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News : Saudi Arabia and its allies cut diplomatic ties with Qatar Muslims must read!

This is not the only way to cut diplomatic relations. But from the Saudi. Close border with Qatar The closure of Qatar Airways' office within 24 hours prohibits all Qatar airplanes from flying through their airspace. Qatar residents living in Saudi Arabia must leave Saudi Arabia within two weeks. Forbidden to travel to Qatar.

Saudi Arabia's alliance follows the Saudi alliance. Saudi Arabia is also trying to seek partners in Qatar's teaching, but no country agrees.

This event occurs in the month of Ramadan. The month of fasting and purifying the minds of Muslims around the world. Devoid of greed Hateful Jealousy High ambition Ambition Jealousy and prejudice

To be clear, devoid of passions and sensuality. Have a generous mind To be human, both believers in Islam and human beings share the fate of a world that is day by day, chaotic, brutal, oppressive, full of persecution. Exploitation of each other. Wean more wealth.Including death from the encroachment on each other. I have seen every morning morning.Both the self-eye and the media addiction.

What Is Islam? Eliminate and practice fasting. Islam targets the entire population, the society, the nation and the whole human race.

So, as Saudi Arabia and the National Alliance are participating in this operation with Qatar.People of that country are involved. So all the people are worthy of receiving. The fasting month in Ramadan.

As Saudi Arabia and the National Alliance are Muslim countries, which are in obligation. In both the individual and national peoples, as members of the Suu Mims Comply with all the provisions and accomplishments that fasting requires.

Diplomatic relations with Qatar in the prosperous month of Ramadan Is the expression of brotherhood, faith, compassion and favor to each other?

If there is controversy eaten up. Islam does not require discussion, understanding, or understanding.

If the conflict is caused by the benefits are not. Fasting in the month of Ramadan is not for the sake of retrieving the craving for good and for the good of wealth.

If antagonism arises from jealousy. Wait for the Qur'an to be revealed. Is not the month of despair and the eradication of jealousy and rivalry?

If the feelings of hatred against each other are rooted in high ambition and ambition. The month of Ramadan, which is the month of fear and humility of the servant of the Lord. Is not the month when men learn the humility of those who oppress and persecute others?

If rage against each other comes from the usurpation of political neutrality between Muslims.Do not they know that the month of Ramadan is the month of the decree of Allah? The Hon.The grumpy He announced that fasting in the month of waiting for the monarchy. Is there a goal for believers to be cautious?

Action As well as processes. All are caused by the spiritual waste that is in the minds of the leaders. The claim is that in a direct Islamic way. Is the servant of the house of God. Is the mind still subject to slavery, dread, power, wealth and honor of the world?

Yet these events are still useful to the Muslims in the month of Ramadan. That is, to see and prove the destructive power of the power of low emotions, lust, passion, ambition, desire.High ambition Jealousy Rivalry and power struggle, etc., among the highest level of the country.

Which results in destroying everything that has accumulated for a long time.

Muslims will hastily eliminate these things in the blessed Maharaj month. And purify the soul.To be the real coyote.


The analysis of the many that it is.

1. problem Because Saudi Arabia and Qatar have different religious paths.

2. problem Saudi Arabia is fighting terrorism, but Qatar has been accused of supporting terrorist groups.

3. Saudi Arabia is hostile to Ipanema, Al-Mussolim, and the Al-Aimblim group. But Qatar supporters al-Mussolim And the Hamas group with the concept of Qin Al-Aimussim

4. Qatar supported political group in Libya, a group that Saudi Arabia does not support.

5. Qatar has succeeded in producing liquefied natural gas, which can be exported to countries that are far away and convenient. The Qatari economy is booming. This success has led Qatar to pursue a more independent international political policy from Saudi Arabia.

6. One of Qatar's independent international policies is to open doors to relations with Iran. To balance the power with Saudi Arabia. It is known that Iran just heard the name. Saudi Arabia is almost instantaneous fire.

7. In some streams, it is said that. There will be Qatari robbery like that with Libya. If you do not love good to go to Iran and then another race. I killed all the property. Unstoppable

But all are still convinced that this is a process that has been planned by the real-world political and economic leaders. Place the pieces on this board very firmly. Like the board before. It has happened many times.

The economic crisis makes them reap the rewards of price difference. Especially the oil.Natural gas and gold

Military crisis I have a lot of money selling weapons.


The dancers are only in the board.



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