Date 25/01/2018 Page View : 435

News : The Germans seized 22,000 copies of the Quran, causing extreme distortions.

farsnews - German Interior Ministry revealed We have to seize 22,000 Quran books because of the distorted interpretation of the concept of extremism.


Thomas Dymtzyrh, German Interior Minister We have seized 22,000 copies of the Quran because of the distorted interpretation and promotion of extreme concepts.


He added: The Qur'an is translated as a view of extreme thought. Promote the establishment of forces and violence.


According to a German media report, the German interior ministry said that we had made 22,000 copies of the Quran. Accordingly, according to German law, and to prevent the spread of the Quran, all Quranic practices were strictly prohibited. Violent and ideological hatred in society.


The German Interior Ministry said it believed that the groups calling themselves religious groups had encouraged and supported 140 people to join Isis in attacks in Iraq and Syria.




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